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Nico on Barrie's "tremendous move into snobbery", largely on account of Eton and Cynthia Asquith

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*Mackail, not McHale

Post Date - 19 Apr 2020 17:12 | Report
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He had this tremendous move into snobbery, is the easiest way to put it. As I think I said to one, It was Lady Asquith who pointed this out to me. Because of Cynthia Asquith he became more -- But it stems more from Eton and so on. I don't think it was noticeable to us until later on. Because I don't think you could ostensibly include us upon these upper class people who McHale could say so in his book. But we were not. Until we moved into the Eaton society, where at once there was lady this and that. And he became quite involved with Lord and Lady Lyttelton (?). And Lord and Lady X and Lord and Lady Y. It began to spread a little bit then. You can see him just buying a little bit more. It was all half an act I think. I don't know. He wasn't too much of a snob I don't think I'll show you some very fine pictures of him. There's one very fine picture of him with Lady Cynthia and her sister Lady Mary Strickland as she was then. And you can see a special sort of the spiritual line on his face then.

Post Date - 31 Jan 2020 22:56 | Report
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