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Gerrie remembers how Barrie failed to captivate her own daughter Sylvia, as well as their son Timmy

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Did you ever actually watch Barrie try to captivate a child? <br /> <br /> Yes. Tried to captivate Timothy and Jane and completely failed. Particularly with Jane.<br /> <br /> How did he set about it?<br /> <br /> Well how does one.<br /> <br /> But he had a special way didn't he?<br /> <br /> He did but it didn't rub off on Jane. He didn't try with Timothy. He'd try to tell her stories or something. I think he thought since she was younger, she'd be more impressionable and likely to be captivated. But it didn't work at all. It was interesting.<br />

Post Date - 31 Jan 2020 19:01 | Report
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