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Nico emphasizing Barrie's love of games, in particular, "eggcap" ...

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<br /> And the thing he used to teach us was this thing called eggcap. I don't know if anyone has ever heard of eggcap, they probably haven't. It was his big game. Uh and you can get all sorts of different names for it, but his thing was, he would put 4 or 5 of us together, to put caps along the ground. And you throw the ball and if the thing stuck in the cap, the chap who got it stuck had to rush to pick it up while everybody else rushed away to get the tennis ball. Uh and if he threw the ball back, they lost their life. Quickly and a simple game in the world. Let's have a game of eggcap and now. You played it with an egg cup? No, you played it with 5 perfectly ordinary cloth caps. Egg cap rather than egg cup. Why it was called egg, I don't know. And yea until all that time later, when we moved off to meet Mary's family, in Northumberland, one of the first times they had a game called Kenny Koolway where you threw a ball onto the roof and if you dropped it again you ran away. Same thing. It's all absolutely Barrie's sort of game, he used to love Kenny Koolway and eggcap.

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