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Nico talks about Jack's retirement, and the fate of his children.

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Then Jack, what did he do after he left the navy? What was his profession?<br /> <br /> He didn't have a profession. He just stayed down in Cornwall. He did a bit of gardening here and played a bit of golf there but don't think he did do anything much.<br /> <br /> But where did he get his money from? <br /> <br /> Well he had a little bit of money out of Barrie, you see. He had more than us others did. He didn't really have that much to complain. But he had an unlucky time. This is going ahead now. It doesn't affect your story at all. I don't know if you know anything about Jack's children. Do you know anything about Jack's children? <br /> <br /> No.<br /> <br /> Well, Timmy, who is the eldest -- was the boy, they had two Timmy and Jane. Timmy rang me up, when he was in the navy, I think he was a second lieutenant in the navy or whatever you call them in the navy. I joined the Brigadier Guards for some reason or another. He rang me up one morning and said, will you be my best man? So I was my nephew's best man, a splendid picture of me being his best man. From the second side of the army. So there is Timmy getting married. Rather boring perhaps. Very good looking, rather like Jack. Not quite so good looking as Jack. And I liked his wife, Sibyl. Jack and Gerrie couldn't stand Sibyl, didn't like Sibyl. She was not quite what they hoped Timmy should marry. I know, I don' t know. But Timmy was one of those strange people, where he got this from I don't know, very unlike me, I think you'll agree, he never wrote a letter. It would be Christmas Day, he was in the navy, he might be in Hong Kong, the door would open, he would walk into Sibyl. He never gave any warning at all. He would be invisible. He was impossible to live with. Because he was always going off? But he just never took the trouble to say what he was doing or where he was. You can't live with anybody like that for heaven's sake. Sounds like me. Anyway they did eventually get divorced, he and Sibyl. And Timmy disappeared. He went to Canada. Went off. Disappeared. Nobody knew where the devil he was. 10, 15 years. Then Gerrie got a letter not so long ago, 6, 10 years, from somebody saying she was Timmy's second wife in Canada. Saying Timmy died and she wanted to come over and meet her late husband's parents, or mother, knowing Jack was dead and so on. So Eliza came. What was nice about that part of this story is that they did like this second wife quite a lot. I never met her. She went back to Canada. She was quite nice. Timmy never wrote to his father. Before his father died, his father never knew about this at all. He never knew. He never wrote to his mother either. They knew nothing. He just disappeared into limbo. And died apparently.<br /> <br /> How did he die?<br /> <br /> I don't know, I don't know. Died young obviously. Pretty young. Whether it was pneumonia. He wasn't shot or suicide or murdered or --- he just died. <br /> <br /> Now Jane is a much sadder story. Jane was very clever. She had a very unfortunate habit of appearing to heaven and earth so you thought she was not worth talking to, but she was not like that. But she had a baby, unmarried, who survived, 6 foot 6 or something very tall girl. Rather unlucky for her. Heinreitta. Jane died of cancer. Not so long ago. When she was about 40. In other words both those children are dead. So that family has all gone wrong.

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