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Gerrie's feeling that George Booth might have done more for the boys once Barrie took over their lives.

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When you said that, you said to George Booth if you knew about Barrie, why didn't you try to step in and do something? What was it you think should've been done?<br /> <br /> <br /> I think George Booth would've taken more interest in what was going on with the boys. I mean it was all shut away. Barrie ran that household. I remember, Auntie Mave/May (?) for instance saying she was so intimidated when she went through the doorstep. Everyone ended up by not calling to Camperfield Square (sp?). Mary practically booted them out. She kept sort of a cage around them. I thought the setup gently was slightly unhealthy. I thought Booth could've taken a closer interest and could've done something. Anyhow there was a garden, he had played some part, he told me how he adored Arthur, he was devoted to Arthur. Arthur was a marvelous man you see. Sylvia was absolutely wonderful. And I said that if you knew all that, and cared so much about Arthur why didn't you take more interest on what was going on in the boy's lives? I said all that and he was rather cross really.

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