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Nico remembering the casting sessions for the silent film of Peter Pan - how he rooted for Marion Davies - and his disappointment that his room at Eton was not used for Captain Hook's cabin.

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Uh uh I don't know how many people he and I saw together for the role of Peter Pan, we went to see shot after shot after shot. Should we have her, should we not have her? Going into all these people. And the one I voted for very strongly was Marion Davies. She was splendid in something, I think it was Little Lord Fauntleroy. She was absolutely splendid this particular moment I thought. But then they finally did choose on Betty Bronson. And I think she was quite good in this way, and I think Mary Bryan was quite good as Wendy and so on, but as I told you, it was my wonderful room to not be used in Hook's cabin, that was my heartbreak, and if that still exists I don't know.

Post Date - 20 Jan 2020 15:38 | Report
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