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Nico talking about the "wonderful holidays" in Scotland - Scourie in 1911, Amhuinnsuidh in 1912, Killiecrankie in 1913, the Bridge of Orchy in 1914...

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Mary started taking us all up the year after my father died, which was when mother was still alive, we went all up to Inverness to Jiva which I've got a lot of pictures of too with mother and all my four (3?) brothers. Shortly after that Jack went up to the Navy so that for the rest of our wonderful Scotch visits in 1911, 12, 13 and 14, which in Sutherland, Ammunsuidh, Killikrankee and Ok Lodge there were just the four of us: George, Peter, Michael and me. And then Noor of course and of course only Michael and me in Barrie's hotel -- in the hotel there -- and we went every year until suddenly, in 1920, it was Eileen Shona.

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