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Gerrie on Barrie's love for Michael

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He certainly had a very intense love. I suppose if he had been a father, he would have been just as intensely loving again. When you get big families and have the parents doting on one child more than the others. <br /> <br /> <br /> I mean that's what it seems to me. I wouldn't think there's anything homosexual about it at all.<br /> <br /> No I don't think there was, really. I think it must've been very bad for Michael, to be so much the center of Barrie's world. Barrie made demands on him, writing to him very day and all this kind of thing. He must have felt rather not free, or tied. I always thought that when you see children grow up, you must always let children go free. You mustn't cling to them. That's always been my own idea of life. But you see Barrie certainly clung to Michael. Whether Michael found it near really rather frustrating and a bit too much. I think he probably did. At the same time being honest he probably always felt grateful. Someone who never let you down. Given you everything you ever asked for or wanted. He must've felt a deep debt to him. And he must've known Barrie adored him. I wouldn't have wanted it for a child of mine. It doesn't seem fair. You can't blame Barrie really you see. He had a passionate desire to have a family. There was a ready made family with a beautiful mother he adored. And a rather splendid father who he liked.

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