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Nico and his wife Mary came to BBC Television Centre just before we started rehearsals on "The Lost Boys" in January 1978, and spent several hours talking to both cast and crew. Here he emphasizes Barrie’s sense of wit and humour ...

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This is true enough. This is truth. Written mistake. The first time Hay Fever, Noel Coward's Hay Fever, came on at the Criterion I think, Peter and I were lunching at his flat, we were lunching and we were all in pretty good form. It was in the second act of Hay Fever, I think it was Ethel Stewart, had to come on and act roughly speaking in the meaning of the word. Peter looked at him, he looked at Peter, I said my God this is tripe and walked out. We were so much better. He was a superlative charade player in the meaning of the word and so on. Presumably you have read all this in Denis Mackail and Janet Dunbar? Yes well of course I am very biased. To me Mackail is superb throughout. He's got various characters, superlative. Janet Dunbar does not make him as much fun as he was. He was irresistible fun. He was with ease. He was the most fun company. He was the most fun on his day. His day was 80 days out of 100. Superlative company.

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