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Nico showing us the "Record of Breaks" between Michael and Barrie, recorded in the front of "The Complete Billiard Player" in 1912 (see margin illustration in JMB&TLB, p197)

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This rather stresses, I think I've said to one or two, to how much games played a part in Barrie's life. He was absolutely tinkled pink with billiards. And he gave the complete billiards player to Michael. No he didn't, EV Lucas did. Michael Llewelyn Davies from his friend EVL. That's his friend E. V. Lucas. They kept a thing here, which was every break over 20. Between Michael and Uncle Jim and so on. It's just a little picture of the time they used to spend. For some reason or other I suddenly came across this book the other day upstairs and thought you ought to see it. They played an enormous amount of billiards together. And every now and then George would show up. I was a bit too young, I didn't play then but later on I was probably better than both of them. <br /> <br /> This is all from 1912. The day the Titanic went down. Michael made it.....(laughter). Just a little funny thing. So much is -- he was tremendously keen on all games, really. But he was really quite good at billiards.<br /> <br /> Any games to do with the eye was it? He wasn't interested in cards? <br /> <br /> No, not at all.<br /> <br /> Chess? Or drafts? <br /> <br /> No, no. I can see him occasionally played draughts but not at all seriously. Only cricket. Billiards. And croquet. He was a wizard at croquet.

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