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Nico speculating on why Barrie gave Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital in particular - his connection with Elizabeth Lucas and the children’s hospital at Bettancourt - Audrey Lucas and Michael.

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Can you think of why he gave it to the children's hospital? Did he ever visit anyone there in Ormond Street? No I don't think he ever did. I wouldn't think he did. I don't know who put it in his mind at all. Never heard of it. Never heard of it all. Do you think it would be fair to say it was connected to the children's hospitals? Very possible very possible. Very possible. He could've easily come to it from Lucas. He was connected with Lucas who was involved with all that sort of thing. Michael was involved with Bettancourt wasn't he? Getting water with Elizabeth Lucas. No Michael wasn't. No he wasn't. It was her thing rather. And through Elizabeth through Audrey through Michael. But Michael no. Michael visited them didn't he, the Lucas letters show how impressed Michael had been. I can't remember it at all. I think we got the impression that through the sort of friendship Michael and Audrey had, where Michael was plugging the hospital rather. Michael hadn't reached the age yet. Yes. He was very young. Only as a sort of -- He had all the closeness, one doesn't want to put too strong words into it -- he and Audrey Lucas --- he was too young? Yes he was. Yes he was. And Elizabeth, Mrs. E. V., was a very strong person in Uncle Jim's life.

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