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Nico talking about Barrie's visits to Eton

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When you were at Eton, how often would Barrie come down and see you and take you out? <br /> <br /> Half a dozen times a term sort of thing. He would come particularly around your birthday, he came quite a lot. He came quite often, I had to probably go and meet him at Windsor station. We would walk down the hill from Windsor station to the pub at the Bridgehouse Hotel and we have lunch together at the Bridgehouse hotel. And then if I was playing game or going to school it would depend what we were doing after that. We would probably have tea in my own room because we all had our own rooms at Eton. He would have tea wherever I messed. You'd have tea with three or four others, maybe only two. I can't remember if Uncle Jim had tea with the other boys but I expect he did, he certainly wouldn't refuse.

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