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Sebastain Earl on Michael's character and alleged suicide: "The thing is too absurd for words!"

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I never heard any suggestion of suicide. Never! Gads! Never for a second. Never to anybody else at Oxford. He wouldn't have done it with Buxton though you see. The thing is too absurd for words.<br /> <br /> He was a lovely sort... a light airiness in his life. But to me, part of the fact was, he was obviously a person who cared for poetry. And I should've thought music. Although music didn't mean much to my generation. Nothing that it does today. I know that now music in this country today has done the most astonishing things. Otherwise apart from the fact that he was an artistic and intellectual minded person, he was a very, to me, quite a conservative member of the -- the bourgeoise late Victorian -- Edwardian -- continuation of the Victorian bourgeoise, Edward VII the time. He was a very desirable undergraduate.<br /> <br /> Would you see Michael was a romantic?<br /> <br /> Oh yes, yes I would. But not excessively. Yes he certainly was a romantic. But if I was asked to apply an adjective to him, I would apply that. That was what was so charming about him.

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