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Gerrie's reaction to Mary Hodgson's note, "Either you leave or I do" ...

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When you got that note on that water jug, saying "either you leave or I do" what did you do about it? We packed up in the morning, by nighttime we were in a hotel, I think it was called the Basil Hotel, on the corner of something on that evening. Arthur was coming back at dinner. I was feeling exceedingly ill. He called the family doctor, he didn't know what the hell to do. My husband said I think my wife is having a miscarriage. The family doctor said why, you see? That man knew the truth. Another doctor was called sure enough. I had to be on a stretcher. I've never had one until that night, I was only in the hotel one night. I was moved from letting him. I spent the rest of the time weeping, weeping, weeping, it was awful, it didn't stop. Sheer nerves. Did you ever see Mary Hodgson again? No. Is that the last time you saw Mary Hodgson? No well we saw her, we had to see her occasionally in the house.

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