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Nico telling Maureen O'Brien (who played Mary Barrie in "The Lost Boys") how Sharon and I first swam into his life...

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Did you know Andrew before he started writing the script? Not at all. He got in touch with you? What happened was Sharon wrote to my publishing company Peter Davies Ltd. I used to be, I retired some time ago. I got this letter forwarded to me asking if I was still alive, we know 4 of the brothers are dead but do you think the 5th is still alive? I said yes indeed I will help him any way I can. Within about a half hour it seems we became such close friends. We have a room at home which has a chest of drawers almost as big as this room and it is absolutely stacked with letters from Andrew. I think there must be 3000 letters there now.

Post Date - 2 Mar 2023 23:02 | Report
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