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Nico recounting Barrie's hat-trick at Stanway, his love of cricket, and his superb company.

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He always had a cricket week every September when he ran when he asked 10 of my friends from Eton when I was only 11. We had a very good cricket week at Stanway in Gloucestershire. He took that wonderful house from Lady Wevill (?) I suppose. He used to run Stanway, he loved every single thing about it. We would be there for 8 days. On the 8th day, we would have a dinner party, and 5 or 6 girls would be allowed to come in, including my future wife. All of us boys made speeches. Without a shadow of a doubt one was worse until the next came along. Haha He always ended up with a speech of his own. For ten minutes a quarter of an hour. Out of this world. Perfectly wonderful. Absolutely entertainment. He was riddled with entertainment. To end this ridiculou story, I don't expect many of you are interested in cricket. The last match we played there I was fielded somewhere near where Uncle Jim was sitting. He said I think I'd like to have a bowl. I said why not. Of course he was in his hamburg hat and boots and brown suit and so on. We all had yellow caps which he gave us which we enjoyed and all that sort of thing. I gave him his yellow cap and he walked into the middle of the field and took a hat trick. It's quite unbelievable. He was a very slow bowler. He said he was the only slow bowler. He was so slow that if he didn't like the look of it he could bring it back. I think he was right hand at bat but a left handed bowler.

Post Date - 2 Mar 2023 22:55 | Report
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