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Gerrie's impressions of Sylvia. The "going off like this" refers to the holiday in Dives, where Barrie took Sylvia, Jack and Michael in 1905 (JMB&TLB, p123)

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And Mary went into it. We never discussed it. It probably upset my husband. Probably we didn't want to discuss it. And there are things you don't say even to your husband. Even more than I had ever been critical of Sylvia. She had enormous charm. Terribly attractive. Very clever. Very witty. Certainly attractive to look at. She's a human being. But not the kind of human being my husband saw her as. I don't think. It must be very tempting you see, your husband (Arthur) is a struggling man, working, being home briefly at night, is working frightfully hard. It must be very struggling you see. And not have much time for the gaiety of love. And anyway he couldn't offer the things Barrie offered on a plate. It was very tempting to accept. On the other hand it was very odd, going off like this. There was a lot of chatter about it I believe. People were not very kind. Because Sylvia was Sylvia she got away with it.

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