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Nico's annecdote about working for Winston Churchill's election campaign in the 20's.

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I had a wonderful meeting at the Ritz. With a councilmember, something like 1932-3. He was standing for Parliament in Westminster. At that time I was living with Barrie in the Adelphi. At that time I had just been given a car. Anyway, I promised, would I drive people from the state farm (?) over in the car for Churchill. Would I do this? Of course I absolutely did not do this, I did nothing at all. But Winston Churchill came over to the flat for dinner, and I went out that evening. But he gave a medal to everyone who had driven people around. I put in my pocket even though I never drove anybody around! That's the only time I met the very great man that he became. He was a very dreadful man in some ways, but of course beyond all words wonderful during the war. Almost the greatest person (?) there ever was, at that stage.

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